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  • 1.  Juniper-Local-User-Name VSA with Windows NPS

    Posted 01-04-2023 14:38
    I am trying to set up Radius authentication on our Juniper equipment.  I am able to get it working, but I do not want to make a user for every tech person in our environment.  It would effectively defeat the purpose of using Radius.

    I know that I can utilize the "remote" user as a fallback method, but I would like to use it for read-only users if I am able.

    Juniper provides an example of how to configure Juniper-Local-User-Name VSA using freeRADIUS in this article:

    Unfortunately, we are using Windows NPS and i have been unable to find any examples or figure it out myself for the platform.

    Is anyone able to provide answers or documentation for this?

    Thank you,


  • 2.  RE: Juniper-Local-User-Name VSA with Windows NPS

    Posted 01-11-2024 02:55

    Did you ever get this to work?

    I have the same problem.

    I have set up the Attribute value to be "Juniper-Local-User-Name  = SU" with Vendor ID of 2636 and type 1 and can see this passed in the WireShark captures from the server to the switch.  I tried differnt format:  := with " and without, all seem  to be passed but none see to make a difference.



  • 3.  RE: Juniper-Local-User-Name VSA with Windows NPS

    Posted 01-11-2024 03:07
    Edited by PAUL WORMAN 01-11-2024 03:08

    Having just posted this, I found the answer.

    The config line does NOT need the variable name to be specified, it appears the VSA value of 1 is sufficient.

    see screen shot which hopefully shows the full config steps.

    As shown this logs an authorised used into the switch using the template SU