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IS-IS Juniper/Nokia Interoperability Question

  • 1.  IS-IS Juniper/Nokia Interoperability Question

    Posted 05-02-2023 15:10
    Edited by CMayes 05-02-2023 15:16

    Good afternoon,

    I was hoping to see if anyone else might have some insight on a problem I've experienced lately:

    I am in the process of turning up multi-vendor IS-IS IGP.  I have Nokia service routes in my various areas and Juniper LSR's in my backbone.   I'm having an issue where the system loopbacks from the Nokia's are not making it into the IS-IS Level 2 database/routing table.     In my lab this works just great, but in the production environment, I'm not seeing the loopbacks.  I am seeing the p2p spaces from between the routers.    The System loopbacks are in the ISIS protocol and set for passive.

    The Nokia TAC is, unfortunately, not being much help.  I'm trying to see if anyone else has run into this?    The Nokia service routers are level 1 and the Juniper LSR's are acting as Level-1/2.

    Please let me know what additional details you might need.