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  • 1.  IKEv2 Errors on m7i

    Posted 06-09-2022 13:28
    When using IKEv2 on an m7i with an adaptive services module running 15.1R7.9 the VPNs aren't stable, and I am getting these strange log messages:

    ikev2_state_error: [9970c00/a41d400] Negotiation failed because of error Out of memory (65537)

    Neither the RE or the adaptive services module is low on memory.  The VPNs come back up, but they flap quite a bit.  Also to note, these memory errors are only seen with 'route based' type VPNs, i.e. ones with traffic selectors, not VPNs with explicit networks described for phase 2.  Any idea what these memory errors mean?  I don't see these errors with VPNs that use IKEv1.