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How to recover this vmhost RE

  • 1.  How to recover this vmhost RE

    Posted 04-13-2023 02:04

    Hi all,

    Anyone have idea how to recover this issue? I'm already try using USB install-media method but still cannot load junos.

    Wind River Linux localhost console

    localhost login: root (automatic login)
    Primary disk:  , Secondary disk: sdb
    ERROR: Primary disk Device  does not exist or is not writable
    ***         Bridge firewalling registered
                                                                    device virbr0-nic entered promiscuous mode
    ***                                                                                  ***
    ***        WARNING: The nf_conntrack version 0.5.0 (16384 buckets, 65536 max)
    installation will erase the contents of your disks.          ***virbr0: port 1(virbr0-nic) entered listening state

    ***                                                           virbr0: port 1(virbr0-nic) entered listening state
    ***                                 IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): virbr0: link is not ready
    **********virbr0: port 1(virbr0-nic) entered disabled state

    Thanks and appreciate any feedback