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  • 1.  How about a catastrophe scenario ...

    Posted 02-03-2023 08:27

    Bonjour everybody

    Let's see when YOU can spot the problem before it happens

    1)      I use mgmt port in my lab on my 10   2300-C switches for convenience

    2)      I don't use  mgmt. port on the 250 switches in the field. I have a management vlan shared by all switches

    3)      Lab and fields run on Junos 20.4R2S2

    4)      Last year, we had to add an sfp with xe interface on 2 field switches.

    5)      I tested a config in my lab and, when I was sure it worked , copied it from the lab  remotely on the 2 sites.

    6)      Last week we wanted to upgrade the 250 prod switches to Junos 22.3

    7)      I read the note on 22.3 and don't notice anything that applies to my configurations

    8)      I did the same steps that I have been doing for 3 years, hundreds of time

    a.       Have coffee

    b.       Put the new image in /tmp directory on each switch

    c.       Md5 check that the file is OK

    d.       Request software add <new image> no-copy no-validate

    e.       Make sure the image is correctly installed with the last line " will take effect at next reboot"

    f.        Notify clients of the coming 15mns re-start of the 2300s at scheduled date

    g.       Have coffee

    9)      On the scheduled date, at 23:00, I ask for a reboot on all switches

    10)   After 15 mns, all switches were back online, running on Junos 22.3 ... all except 2 for which I had lost total contact.


    Took me a while to figure it out. I learned from my mistake and I'll share the solution with you next week J

    Best regards,



    Michel Lapointe


  • 2.  RE: How about a catastrophe scenario ...

    Posted 02-06-2023 21:31
    now before I write the solution, I must say that I did what I thought was due diligence: 
    I installed  22.3 on  dozen EX2300 located in a separate rack, always powered on and ready to be configured for the next client installation.  Everything worked fine.
    Before upgrading the 250 switches in production, I also upgraded 5  EX2300 on some sites nearby that I controlled just in case something went wrong. Nothing went wrong. . 
    As far as I can tell, what happenned is this...
    at step 4, I mentionned that I had used my lab setup configuration to prepare a configuration using xe-interface. I copied the configuration to the 2 produciton switches, but without paying attention to the fact that those 2 prod switches now had a me0 management port configured. 
    a year  (and some images updates later) I finally pushed the new 22.3 image on the prod switches. My 2nd mistake was to not pay attention to the fact that that add software  command had the no-validate options. 
    last chance: do you see what's coming ???? 
    when I asked remotely for a reboot of all 2300s, I lost access to the 2 switches that had an me0 mgmt interface with an ip address since 22.3  will refuse a commit when vme AND me0 interface are configured. vme was stil there from the factory configuration 

    error: Address cannot be configured on me0 and vme at the same time

    error: configuration check-out failed

    I was therefore rebooting a switch with a non-working configuration. And since I had carefully updated the rescue configuration to the running one before reboot, even the rescue configuration did not installed on the switch. 
    Had I not used the no-validate option when doing the image update,  the installation would have aborted with an clear error message 

    Interface control process: <message>Address cannot be configured on me0 and vme at the same time</message>

    Interface control process: </xnm:error>

    mgd: error: configuration check-out failed

    Validation failed

    ERROR: Current configuration not compatible with junos-arm-32-22.3R1.11.tgz

    My lesson learned is not to use the no-validate flag when doing image upgrade.  and also upgrading ny small groupsL you never know when an surprising sequence of events will destroy your best laid plans.

    Michel Lapointe

    Michel Lapointe