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  • 1.  Github´s "Open Network Telemetry Collector " project fails to be installed

    Posted 05-26-2023 05:50
    Dear colleagues:
    I would like to know if someone in this community has successfully installed and used Juniper´s Open Network Telemetry Collector as published in or in
    In my case I failed to install the package as recommended in the Installation Guide. Basically, the execution of the "make start" command exits with error messages, even though I have all the prerequisites (Linux VM, docker and docker-compose already up and running).
    The "issues" section in the Github folder of these projects has notes from more people who failed to install it, but I was not able to find helpful answers to work the problem around.
    Your help/hints will be greatly appreciated.
    Rogelio Alvez
    PS: this is the output of the error messages upon my attempt to install:
    root@gloki:/project/JJESS/open-nti# make start
    Use docker compose file: docker-compose.yml
    IMAGE_TAG=latest docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d
    (root) Additional property input-jti is not allowed
    Makefile:82: recipe for target 'start' failed
    make: *** [start] Error 15

  • 2.  RE: Github´s "Open Network Telemetry Collector " project fails to be installed

    Posted 05-26-2023 15:18

    Hello team:

    I made big progress!!!! I found that most of the problems like this are associated to the YAML contents of the docker-compose.yml file. Basically, caused by bad indentation.  I slightly modified the file according to the recommendations I saw, and now I was able to install the containers. 

    I will give more feedback once I am able to see the user interfaces running. Stay tuned :o)