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DOT1XD_USR_ATHNTICTD_GST_VLAN is not triggred while GuestVLAN is effectvely in action

  • 1.  DOT1XD_USR_ATHNTICTD_GST_VLAN is not triggred while GuestVLAN is effectvely in action

    Posted 25 days ago


     On a EX4300-48P stack (21.4R3), ports are configured for mac-radius and dot1x (in that order) with guest-vlan activated. Everything is working fine, for unknown hosts, mac-radius fails (RADIUS Reject), the host is then polled for dot1x. For non corporate hosts, the port ends up authentated in GuestVLAN, as we can see in this output (guest-vlan is named netlogin)

    admin@15j3> show dot1x interface ge-0/0/9 detail    
      Role: Authenticator
      Administrative state: Auto
      Supplicant mode: Multiple
      Number of retries: 3
      Quiet period: 60 seconds
      Transmit period: 5 seconds
      Mac Radius: Enabled
      Mac Radius Restrict: Disabled
      Mac Radius Authentication Protocol: EAP-MD5
      Reauthentication: Enabled
      Configured Reauthentication interval: 3600 seconds
      Supplicant timeout: 30 seconds
      Server timeout: 30 seconds
      Maximum EAPOL requests: 2
      Guest VLAN member: netlogin-net
      No Mac Table Binding: Enabled
      Number of connected supplicants: 1
        Supplicant: No User, 74:78:27:C6:A6:65
          Operational state: Authenticated
          Backend Authentication state: Idle
          Authentication method: GuestVlan
          Authenticated VLAN: netlogin-net
          Session Reauth interval: 3600 seconds
          Reauthentication due in 0 seconds
          Eapol-Block: Not In Effect
          Domain: Data

    The only issue is that DOT1XD_USR_ATHNTICTD_GST_VLAN event is never triggered/logged.  All I'm seeing in the logs is DOT1XD_USR_ACCESS_DENIED corresponding to the MAC-RADIUS Reject. I double checked logs configuration and I even tried to add a event policy with an action triggred with DOT1XD_USR_ATHNTICTD_GST_VLAN event, and the action is in fact never executed.

    Am I missing something obvious here? Or maybe I don't fully understanting when this event is suppose to be triggred? the event description is quiet traightforward to me : "User has been authenticated on guest vlan if it is configured and authentication using mac-radius for a non-responsive client failed."

    Any ideas?