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  • 1.  Directions of rate limit policy

    Posted 10-26-2022 13:50
    In the Rate Limit Policy settings, we can configure Maximum Upload Rate and Maximum Download Rate. Because this policy is router specific, I will need to create one for Data Center and one for remote office for a resource that resides at the data center. If we want to rate limit the traffic from the remote office to the data center to 200Kbps and the reverse traffic to be 1Mbps, how will be these parameters in two policies look like?

    What will happen if this service policy is applied to a router that does not have local rate limit policy defined?


    Tony Tan

    Tony Tan
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    Schaumburg IL

  • 2.  RE: Directions of rate limit policy

    Posted 11-15-2022 12:02


    You have possibility to configure "per flow" and "per service":
    a) Per flow/session - it is a policy that you can attach to any defined service and IS NOT router specific. If you know your application is doing single session (for example ftp) you can limit each user application session.
    b) Per-service - it is a policy that you can attach to any defined service and IS router specific. You can limit Max throughput for that Service/Application

    You can combine a) and b), where you can limit each session and on top have Max throughput for the configured service/application.

    Related to your specific question: 
    1. Create Rate Limit Policy "RLP1" in Branch Router with Max Upload 200000, Max Upload burst 200000, Max Download 1000000, Max Download burst 1000000
    2. Create Service Class: LimitServiceThroughput with DSCP XX, with Aggregate Rate Limiting "RLP1"
    3. Create Service Policy: LimitDCService and assign LimitServiceThroughput class
    4. Create a Service: DataCenterService with LimitDCService service policy and assign complete DC network, for example
    5. Create a service route for the DataCenterService in the Hub router

    With that you will limit the Branch throughput that goes to DC network using defined parameters: 200kbit/1Mbit.
    There is no need to apply the limit in the DC, as it will be already limited by the Branch.

    Hope it helps.


    Ivan Stanev