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  • 1.  creating a definition for reports

    Posted 09-12-2022 09:59
    Is it possible to generate a report using a slax script with the command "show lldp neighbors"?  I'd like to run the script and somehow gather the output into a report.


  • 2.  RE: creating a definition for reports

    Posted 01-10-2023 12:14
    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I guess that there are quite a few different approaches that can be used to perform this type of task.

    Could you send me a PM and I'll forward you some more details on some of the approaches that I've used in the past as it is probably quite a lengthy subject to cover in a post here.   I have some examples that were developed for Junos Space using local SLAX scripts and configuration views to present the XML data in a grid view, and also a scenario where an event script is run on the device(s) that produces an XML file that is stored on the device, and then a local SLAX script is used to retrieve that data and populate the information within a grid view.

    I guess that the approach could be modified very easily, but for something like LLDP information I could imagine that this might work quite well.  I've used this before for optic information.  But this was a long long time ago, but I guess that this approach might still work in Junos Space today.

    Give me a ping and I'll send you some information that I have, and if I find sufficient time I can always look to post a more comprehensive post on this subject, because I suspect that not that many folks have leveraged configuration views within Junos Space.


    Andy Sharp