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Clients on Guest W/VLAN cannot reach the gateway

  • 1.  Clients on Guest W/VLAN cannot reach the gateway

    Posted 11-16-2022 16:12
    I have an office setup with a SSR, EX switches, and AP-33s. Guest SSID/WLAN is associated with Guest VLAN. Guest VLAN is configured on the SSR and the SSR is acting as the DHCP server. 
    • When a client connects to the Guest SSID, it gets the proper IP configuration (address, gateway, dns, etc.), but cannot ping the gateway on 10.x.x.1. Further, even though the client is being issued an address, the SSR does not register the client in ARP cache and cannot ping the client. 
    • There are no other DHCP servers on the network.
    • The Guest W/VLAN is set up EXACTLY the same as the Corporate W/VLAN with the exceptions that it is an open network (with portal authorization configured). The network, network policies,  traffic steering, and application policies are all the same as well sans the LAN addressing.
    I simply cannot figure out why this is not working. All things being equal, if the corporate W/VLAN works just fine, so should the guest. 

    Any ideas?