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  • 1.  BGP multipath balancig

    Posted 11-15-2022 12:28
    I need your help setting up BGP balancing:
    AS100 - ISP that I manage.
    AS200 - traffic exchange point (IX), with which we have BGP sessions.

    R1,R2 - Juniper mx204, Junos: 18.2R2-S6

    Each router from AS100(R1,R2), builds a BGP session with both routers from AS200 (R101, R102)
    R1 and R2 announces 3 networks (,,

    Link1 and Link2 are 2 different physical links.
    Link2 doesn't exist yet, but will be built soon.

    The traffic between AS100 and AS200 has increased, and soon the bandwidth of Link1 will not be enough,
    but there is no possibility to expand to 10Gbps.
    Therefore Link2 will also be 1Gbps.

    We predict that between AS100 and AS200 the maximum amount of traffic will not exceed 1.5Gbps.

    Is it possible to set up balancing in such a way that the traffic between AS100 and AS200 is balanced between Link1 and Link2?

    As I see solutions to the problem:
    1. R1 announces 2 out of 3 networks towards as200, for example, via Link1.
    R2 announces 1 out of 3 networks towards as200, for example via Link2.

    2. Filter out some of the networks (or ASs) received from AS200 on R1 and R2.

    3. If I set up balancing on only one router (R1 or R2 between R101 and R102), then I can try using per-packet balancing
    (I have no experience with this setup)

    I suspect that I may encounter traffic asymmetry and the likely unavailability of some resources.

    How to solve this problem correctly?
    Thanks for the help