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BGP-CT vLabs demonstration

  • 1.  BGP-CT vLabs demonstration

    Posted 06-06-2023 06:51
    Hello Everyone!
    Are you familiar with the new BGP transport layer address family, SAFI 76 - BGP Classful Transport (BGP-CT)?
    With BGP-CT, you can get several benefits like intent-driven inter-domain interoperability using network-slicing mechanisms, optimizing network operations with improved SLA performance, and leveraging network deployments with support for a wide range of protocols, to name a few.
    If you 'd like to get some hands-on experience on the technology, there are two free lab-based demonstrations on BGP-CT available in Juniper vLabs.
    Check it out now!
    To get started on the vlab:
    1. Click on the BGP-CT vlab sandbox link.
    2. Sign up or log in to Juniper vLabs.
    3. Reserve the vLab using the graphical interface.
    The topology-specific details will be provided after you've logged in.
    For more help with vLabs, refer to the following useful resources:
    For more information on BGP-CT, see the following TechLibrary Documentation:

    Rekha Jeromias