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  • 1.  BGP-CT vLabs demonstration

    Posted 06-06-2023 06:51
    Hello Everyone!
    Are you familiar with the new BGP transport layer address family, SAFI 76 - BGP Classful Transport (BGP-CT)?
    With BGP-CT, you can get several benefits like intent-driven inter-domain interoperability using network-slicing mechanisms, optimizing network operations with improved SLA performance, and leveraging network deployments with support for a wide range of protocols, to name a few.
    If you 'd like to get some hands-on experience on the technology, there are two free lab-based demonstrations on BGP-CT available in Juniper vLabs.
    Check it out now!
    To get started on the vlab:
    1. Click on the BGP-CT vlab sandbox link.
    2. Sign up or log in to Juniper vLabs.
    3. Reserve the vLab using the graphical interface.
    The topology-specific details will be provided after you've logged in.
    For more help with vLabs, refer to the following useful resources:
    For more information on BGP-CT, see the following TechLibrary Documentation:

    Rekha Jeromias

  • 2.  RE: BGP-CT vLabs demonstration

    Posted 06-06-2023 10:47

    Hi Rekha,

    I'm not found inter-domain lab in vLabs. Can u pointing it?

    Thanks and appreciate your feedback

  • 3.  RE: BGP-CT vLabs demonstration

    Posted 06-06-2023 12:04


    You're right. The inter-domain sandbox does not show up on the vLabs index page. This is because of some planned updates to the website.

    Please use this link (also available in the original post) to launch the inter-domain BGP-CT vLabs blueprint. You can access the sandbox after reserving the topology.


    Rekha Jeromias