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  • 1.  API requests

    Posted 03-28-2023 07:48

    Hello there,

    I am trying to interact with this website:[Security%20Advisories] 

    Via API(python requests) but i get:

    Login successful
    Cookie: {'renderCtx': '%7B%22pageId%22%3A%229c549d84-6de1-496b-bedf-0245790838e0%22%2C%22schema%22%3A%22Published%22%2C%22viewType%22%3A%22Published%22%2C%22brandingSetId%22%3A%22cb526f07-0748-4b05-be5b-33c6fb721936%22%2C%22audienceIds%22%3A%226Au3c000000fzdC%2C6Au3c000000TPBH%22%7D'}
    Could not find session ID in cookie

    So I am wondering if its actually allowed to interact with the mentioned website the way im trying to do: which is to run a regular script that checks for security advisories on different juniper products and let me know when there is any, but I cant get passed the session id cookie, so maybe i need a API key or something called Oauth2.0 , any insights would be appreciated. Maybe Juniper doesnt allow it for security reasons?