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  • 1.  ACX1100 memory leak

    Posted 06-04-2023 14:59

    Good day.

    Is anyone also experiencing memory leak issue in their ACX1100? We have experienced multiple occurrences of memory leak on ACX1100 installed and would require reboot to be performed as workaround for the router to be performing again. Have verified that ACX1100 due to its design limitations, memory leak is occurring due to routes and/or routing processes which the router cannot handle. Would like to know if anyone have encountered the same issue and what has been the resolution in your network scenario.

    Monitored that memory leak on the ACX persists even after upgrading JUNOS from 20.2R2-S1.3 to 20.4R1.12. Verifying with JTAC, memory leak is triggered due to device configuration but the root cause for the permanent fix is due to software PR. I am still awaiting next service release for JUNOS 20.4R3-S8 to confirm with Juniper if memory leak issue finally resolved for next service release.