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  • It seems you already increased the shared-buffer to 100 percent, then to stop the drops it will be required to find the source of the traffic, since micro-burst can't be fixed with CoS as the congestion issues that can be mitigated with CoS. Regards ...

  • Hi Thanks for your answer Thats not physical problem for sure If it is a micro-burst , then what is the most proper commands to increase the bandwidth of queue 0 to avoid the tail dropped issue? Do you have a sample of configuration set for ex4550 ...

  • Hello Abed, -First make sure this is not a layer 1 issue (physical problem in any of the child interfaces of this AE) -Check the duplex of the port -Confirm if these drops are a result of congestion (exceeding the interface bandwidth) If you are not ...

  • Hello We have a mixed virtual chassis that includes 4xEX4200 and 2xEX4550 Running 15.1R5.5 And we're experiencing a problem with tail-drop packets for example: admin@inter-BB> show interfaces queue ae3 Physical interface: ae3, Enabled, Physical ...

  • Hi, As i remember vQFX not support virtual chassis. Thanks


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