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Ask questions and share experiences with vSRX Virtual Firewall deployments and how to scale firewall protection.


If you have a question or a use case, likely there are others who are experiencing or worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge!

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    Website DNS ALG Issue

    Hi, we have a website(example.com) running inside our organisation , and a Public to private static NAT configured in our vSRX ( - >, all the outside internet users can access the website (example.com) which is translating ...

  • Ben, We are experiencing this exact same issue and JTAC hasn't been able to help. Did you ever find a solution or a workaround for this? Thanks Jon ------------------------------ JON SITTNER ------------------------------

  • Basically the title; trying to evaluate vSRX 3.0 on a small LAN network on an ESXi 6.7 box and despite following the VMware instructions, I use the example configuration file template to setup the login as well as interfaces, create an iso upload it, ...

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    RE: vSRX EOS

    Hi Mohamed, The url you included says which version is the recommended one. Go to download page, and you will see also 22.4. To see which platform you use, do following command: show version if: Model: vsrx (SRX lower case) means legacy if: ...

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    RE: vSRX EOS

    Hello Kalle, thanks for your reply! as per https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/Junos-Software-Versions-Suggested-Releases-to-Consider-and-Evaluate?language=en_US , vSRX last supported junos is Junos 21.2R3-S3. did i miss something here? also ...

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    RE: vSRX EOS

    Hi, I'm not sure if I understood your question right. All dates for a junos version can be found in following link: https://support.juniper.net/support/eol/software/junos/ Both vSRX and vSRX3( recommend platform) is supporting the latest software ...

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    vSRX EOS

    Hello, i would like to know the end of support / life for vSRX , as far as i know it is based on the EOS of junos installed, what is the maximum junos that can be installed on vSRX? and what is the EOS/L for junos? ------------------------------ MOHAMED ...

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