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  • Hello MS, I was able to make progress on my vSRX configuration Interfaces: fxp0.0 (management), ge-0/0/0.0 (trust), ge-0/0/1.0 (untrust), ip-0/0/0.0 (IP-IP tunnel) IPv4 NAT from trust to untrust interface IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on trust interface ...

  • Good day, S Haque! I'm working on something similar with a physical SRX. Can I just implement the required new interfaces or do I have to also add in the security-zone assignment/information for those interfaces? <MS>Yes to the required new interfaces, ...

  • Hello, for a lab network trial, I have an operational vSRX (v3, 20.3R1.8) in a NAT configuration behind a ISP gateway. I can do all IPv4 stuff fine. Only default routing instance. I wanted to test an IPv6 tunnel using Hurricane Electric's TunnelBroker ...

  • HTTPS is supported in SLAX scripts on SRX devices running Junos 18.4R3-S2 and probably newer versions.

  • Ok, better. After allowing the services vrrp to the interface, the VRRP is in backup state, as it has lower priority. But does the VRRP on this vSRX also need to send out updates via multicast? Do we have to go to install a second interface (suggested ...

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