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  • Thank you very much for clarifying this and it makes perfect sense and good reason to use the Juniper maintained collection. ------------------------------ JUAN RUIZ ------------------------------

  • Can someone share a basic logic on how to execute an event-policy on a secondary node to carry out a set of commands based on a syslog event? In summary I want to carry out commands on the secondary node when a syslog message gets triggered. Everything ...

  • Between the Ansible maintained collection, junipernetworks.junos, and the Juniper maintained collection, juniper.device, I am always going to start with the Juniper maintained one. (I work at Juniper, but I give reasons beyond knowing the developers below.) ...

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    RE: Ansible and SCP

    I was able to get this to work using paramiko (ansible_network_cli_ssh_type: paramiko), and increasing my command timeout (ansible_command_timeout: 600). Thanks again for you suggestion!

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  • Gonna take a deep breathe and try to be concise with this.. For Junos OS upgrades, you want to look in the specific release notes . Near the bottom, you will find a section called Upgrade and Downgrade Support Policy for Junos OS Releases that states ...

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    RE: jcs module

    The j cs module enables the script to execute supported extension functions. A look on Feature Explorer shows support for this on various Junos OS Evolved 21.X versions across these three ACX platforms: - ACX7100-32C - ACX7100-48L - ACX7509 Can you ...

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  • I ran into something similar using a virtual environment. AttributeError: 'Connection' object has no attribute 'nonetype' <u5:p></u5:p><o:p></o:p> I followed the workaround in this Ansible issue on GitHub: ...


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