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  • Hi, We're looking to consolidate all the security hardening documentation in our internal knowledge base system. After reviewing we're missing hardening documentation related to SDWAN SSR products. Does this documentation exist? Is there a technical ...

  • Hello all! Merry Christmas! Following a fresh install of 22.1R1 and a restore of our Space environment we can't seem to Resync Network Elements on any managed devices. Tried restarting JBOSS, removing device and re-adding as managed device (which is ...

  • Good afternoon, was this problem solved in your box? i have the same problem here Oct 25 15:20:08 BB-BNG-PE-PAL-PALMARES-MX104-01 /kernel: hw.chassis.startup_time update to 1665672187.422463 ------------------------------ Renata Silva ---------- ...

  • Hi, Due to security reason, it is not exposed. Please contact JTAC and they will assist you. ------------------------------ Pravin Lokhande ------------------------------

  • Hello, Is there any document say that i can send traffic to the security director insights from SRX devices on TCP port and the number of the port ? Thank you. ------------------------------ ASh SAM ------------------------------

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    Security director insights

    Hello Everyone , Is there any document guide about the shell setup CLI commands to security director insights? Thank you. ------------------------------ ASh SAM ------------------------------

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    RE: Security director

    Hi, If u want to see log srx on srx then u need to install Security Director Insight (SDI). Then import it to SD. Then configure SRX to point log to SDI. Thanks

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