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  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Can we restrict access to a public IP of the conductor

  • I have configured IPoE on MX204 according to the juniper subscriber configuration guidelines with the following link: [Subscriber Management] Configuration Example - end-to-end IPv6 or Dual-Stack IPoE Subscriber ( however, while attempting ...

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    Adding LAN services to a new Azure Router

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous HI i have just brought up a new AZURE router but haven't built any new services on it yet. Will be starting to build a LAN service and service routes are there any helpful docs to help deploy ...

  • Hi Bhaskar, Not sure if I get this correctly, but in order to get peers of particular router you can use this GraphQL query: query MyQuery { allRouters(name: "TA-DC-Router") { nodes { peers { totalCount nodes { ...

  • Hi Bhaskar, Yes, you can use GraphQl API. Here is an example: query MyQuery { ping(destinationIp: "", identifier: 10, nodeName: "node1", routerName: "TA-DC-Router", sequence: 10, egressInterface: "WAN1", timeout: 3) { status statusReason ...

  • Hi Team, Is there any way to detect branches having physical interface is up and internet is down? ( we can get from peer path but it can generate even if it reaching threshold of path metrics) We are trying to build dashboard for only branches having ...

  • Hi Team, We are looking for GraphQL query for show peer router RouterName details PCLI command. Appreciate the help. Thanks, Bhaskar. ------------------------------ BHASKAR GADDAM ------------------------------

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