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  • Hi experts, Could you help me to push the command "request system snapshot slice alternate " on all ACX device via Configlet on JUNOS SPACE. Thank you ------------------------------ DEMNA IMAD ------------------------------

  • Tip of the week! Once you've logged in to your new account, you can update your profile to help others in the community learn a little more about you. To navigate to your profile, click on the circular profile picture or your username in the center ...

  • Hi everyone, To get us started in the new community, I wanted to share some helpful tips on how to use Elevate over the next few weeks. So I am launching a tip of the week series! Where I will be sharing highlights of the new community every week. To ...

  • Thanks. That indeed seems to be the issue. One minor change to your workaround. The 2.0.1 version is not available. It's been pulled. However, there is a 2.0.1-beta version available and I have confirmed that it does indeed address my issue.

  • Looks like this issue: https://github.com/Juniper/puppet-netdev-stdlib-junos/issues/15 Try this: #puppet module upgrade juniper-netdev_stdlib_junos --version 2.0.1

  • Before beginning, I confirm my device has no vlans configured: {master:0} user@s0> show configuration vlans {master:0} user@s0> I have a very simple manifest: node 's0.example.com' { netdev_device { $hostname: } netdev_vlan { 'accounting': ...

  • Thanks Ben. Defenitly going to look at this. The reason im setting up 2 routers, is because i will also use these devices to null route bogons(cymru), do looking glass stuff etc. So i want some redundancy... and since this pair is left over ...

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