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  • The running statistics are shown with show dhcp snooping statistics https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/junos/security-services/topics/ref/command/show-dhcp-snooping-statistics-port-security.html The current status is monitored ...

  • Dear Team Please help me to create two filter and term for the following condition from JunOS router. discard traffic from outside network to a particular port destined for internal public server. discard any traffic from outside network to particular ...

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    dhcp snooping info

    Hello all. I am currently looking at dhcp snooping on EX4300 switches. I have a few questions. If someone plugs in a dhcp server on an untrusted port. Where would I look to find out that something was blocked. Any counters or logs to check that out? ...

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    QFX5120 and pop-swap

    Hello experts, I recently tried to use input-vlan-map and pop-swap on one of our QFX5120-48Ys, and while the command the accepted the logs showed the platform didn't support this feature. A couple of questions do you think this can ever be supported ...

  • To see if you actually need QoS in the first place, look at the tail drops. Here is a neat way of doing it that works in the EX3400 at least: > show interfaces ge-* extensive | match "Physical|^( +[0-9]+)+ *$" | except " 0$|Down" Physical interface: ...

  • Try "request system snapshot recovery" instead of it. ------------------------------ BALAZS KISS ------------------------------

  • I don't believe there was ever an option for snapshotting internally on the EX4600 and EX4300-MP. Snapshotting is available on the standard EX4300's just not the Multigig ones. ------------------------------ HARRY ------------------------------


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