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  • Hi, I have stacked two EX3400 switch one is ex3400-24t and another is ex3400-48t and running ospf. Studently getting error after stacking member 1.All server's eno2 interface connected to member switch 1.Ports are switch are showing up but eno2 ...

  • I just got a QFX3500 and I'm trying to create a snapshot before I do anything else with it. However, the switch will not recognize the drive. I have not been able to find anything that shows requirements or partitioning schemes for the usb drive, other ...

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    Question on 802.1x

    Hi. Multiple hosts are connected via a hub to an EX port which is in single supplicant mode. If the first host to attempt 802.1x authentication fails, can the others attempt 802.1x authentication and access the network? Also, what if the EX port ...

  • Hi dts, Instead of configuring the following Layer 2 features only on logical interface unit number 0, you can now configure them on any logical interface unit number (unit 0 and any non-zero unit number): Layer 2 bridging ( family ethernet-switching ...

  • Who can tell why is not supported to have vlans and vxlans on a same port simultaneously on QFX5200: set vlans vlan200 vlan-id 200 set vlans vlan200 vxlan vni 10200 set vlans vlan401 vlan-id 401 set vlans vlan450 vlan-id 450 set interfaces et-0/0/11 ...

  • thanks much both. it working ------------------------------ THURA MAUNG ------------------------------

  • Hi. Is there any difference in these configurations? class-of-service { forwarding-classes { queue 0 my-be; } } class-of-service { forwarding-classes { class my-be queue-num 0; } } There ...


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