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Ask questions and share experiences about EX and QFX portfolios and all switching solutions across your data center, campus, and branch locations.

If you have a question or a use case, there are likely others experiencing or who worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge!

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  • Hi, I have two EX switches configured as a stack: switch> show virtual-chassis Preprovisioned Virtual Chassis Virtual Chassis ID: 8c7f.92d2.1c8e Virtual Chassis Mode: Mixed Mstr Mixed Route ...

  • Good morning, We are working on getting our EX3400 switches from 20.4R3-S3.4 to 22.4R3.25. Everything was a working except our Avaya phones are being in a held or connecting state after the upgrade. We noticed when we go to any version of 22 we have ...

  • Hi, MC-LAG and VC cannot exists at same time in one device. Thanks

  • Hello Team, I am planning to upgrade some Juniper EX4600 switchs from version 14.1X53-D42.3 to 21.4R3. I have a few questions and would appreciate any guidance or recommendations you can provide: Is it necessary to upgrade through intermediate ...

  • I have 4x EX4650 switches. I want to create two pair of virtual-chassis stacks. After creating the VC, can I link those two VC into a MC-LAG? ------------------------------ [Phone] ------------------------------

  • Sounds like the switches are using automatic virtual chassis port conversion to join as a virtual chassis pair. You can prevent this automated behavior by setting: set virtual-chassis no-auto-conversion This document describes more about the auto ...

  • I have a pair of EX3300-24T switches which are not new and I am using to further my understanding and skills around configuring switching. I had already linked the two devices using some 1Gbps SFPs I had so that I could create some bridged vlans between ...


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