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Ask questions and share experiences about EX and QFX portfolios and all switching solutions across your data center, campus, and branch locations.

If you have a question or a use case, there are likely others experiencing or who worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge!

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  • asharp, thanks for the info. I actually checked my configurations and noticed I had the correct config (view-configuration) but I mistyped it in this forum. Thanks for catching that. I'm still troubleshooting the issue. This is what I did thus far: ...

  • Unfortunately I don't have an EX4550 to hand, so I just setup a quick test using freeradius, and an SRX, just to see what is needed for just read-only access. I put my configuration into an apply group, and the configuration that I used is shown below. ...

  • Hello, I have a user I need to give read only access too. I've added the following configurations to the Juniper EX4550: set system radius-server set system radius-server secret abc set system radius-server ...

  • Harry is correct, EX4200 and EX4300 are not compatible to run in a VC together. Just on lifecycle for those old switches ... EX4200 was end of sale Jan 2019, and goes End-of-service on 30 June 2024, in couple of weeks. EX4300 24/48{P/T] was end of ...

  • Good Day Marcel I just created a lag through the GUI as I do not really have experience on the Juniper units. On the FortiGate's I created a new 802.3ad interface but when doing it on the Junipers the link does not come up so essentially, I am looking ...

  • Hi, Need some advice, have anyone got experience with Juniper VSTP interoperate with Huawei VBST? I had been thru the documentation from Juniper official website but found nothing regarding this kind of setup. As what I found so far from the Internet, ...


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