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  • Hi, I can see your juniper devices are in a VC(virtual chassis) you can configure link aggregation which will bundle both links into one which will give you bandwidth by merging both interface as well if one link goes down other will be still working. ...

  • I have a pair of ex4300s that don't appear to be installing entries sourced from the TCAM table... at least, I don't think so based on outputs. I came upon this wondering why our loopback firewall filter wasn't working. ====================== Filter ...

  • Hi, If u do bundle then u can make it active-passive physical. Thanks

  • After further review, the above configuration is removing the inner tag. What needs adjusted to retain this? Both tags are ether-type 0x8100. ------------------------------ Dan Graham ------------------------------

  • Hello , I have two ports on Juniper switch connected to two ports on one Mikrotik router as a bridge and I want to configure the two ports on Juniper to be active and standby or active and passive because this Juniper Switch is stacked for redundancy ...

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    RE: MAC-based VLANs

    RADIUS and dot1x configurations can assign VLANs based on the MAC addresses. One sample example configuration is shown below (static MAC configuration, but this should ideally be done by a RADIUS NAC). jcluser@vqfx-re# show interfaces xe-0/0/2 unit ...

  • I don't think it would allow to " use a device's MAC address to assign packets to a VLAN ". Would it? ------------------------------ Pawel Mazurkiewicz ------------------------------


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