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  • Thanks mate you save my day. USB should be connected before the switch start. ------------------------------ MOHAMMED MASI ------------------------------

  • Yes, if the EX3400 (or any switch doing IGMP snooping) sees an mrouter on one interface (that is, sending IGMP membership queries , PIM packets, or whatever) inside a vlan, it will sends it all the multicast flows present in the vlan, as this is by design ...

  • Hi Spuluka, Thanks for the reply. The Junos version is 18.1R3-S6 Is the problem resolved in Junos 20.4R3-S5.4? Thank you so much for your support, Thuy. ------------------------------ Jasmine Phan ------------------------------

  • Thanks again! But to confirm, even if each QFX was part of a PIM-SM network, any 3400s connected to that QFX would send every multicast source on the 3400 up to its QFX? Or would PIM at the aggregation layer somehow be able to prevent that? Currently ...

  • thanks !!

  • thanks so much !! Basically I like to know what causes these two different outputs, platforms ? configuration ? I was trying to locate one MAC, I noticed these two outputs from different switches in EVPN/vXLAN fabrics. I like to know why. Also ...

  • The abbreviation is for Router ID. So I assume this would be an identifier for the routing instance/vpls/evpn source of the mac address. ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, ...


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