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  • Why doesn't juniper show the ge-0/0/0 etc, interfaces? ------------------------------ JACOB HOUSLEY ------------------------------

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    RE: junos os

    Same issue, i'm using an evaluation license for ev-ng. Thinking about contacting support for an earlier version ------------------------------ JACOB HOUSLEY ------------------------------

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    junos os

    I created a new interface on port on xe-2/0/2 added all the necessary information to it, when i exit configuration mode and do "show interfaces xe-2/0/2" it gives me an error message. "error: device xe-2/0/2 not found" why would this be happening? ...

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    Mixed mode lacp for qfx5120

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous As stated in the documentation: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/junos/interfaces-ethernet-switches/topics/topic-map/switches-interface-aggregated.html Aggregated ...

  • Example topology: custA / custB > switch1 > EX4650 > switch2 > custA / custB custA outer tag 101 custB outer tag 102 The EX4650 should allow any inner tag on both vlan 101 and 102. Does trunk mode also pass double tags or is something additional ...

  • We are configuring DHCP snooping across our enterprise and have run into something interesting. When we configure it on Non-ELS EX switches for our wireless vlan, we never see a wireless binding. We only see successful bindings on ELS EX switches on that ...

  • Spanning tree is a protocol that prevents layer 2 loops in standard vlan stack switching. From you diagram I wonder if you have a device with two ports connected to the same vlan on two edge switches that are then joined via the core. This would be ...


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