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Ask questions and share experiences about EX and QFX portfolios and all switching solutions across your data center, campus, and branch locations.

If you have a question or a use case, there are likely others experiencing or who worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge!

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  • Hi! If I want to search a specific Mac address. What command should I use? ------------------------------ JEROME PHILIP CANSECO ------------------------------

  • The comment got removed by accident. Apologies IHOR. Thank you for the answer you provided. I got it confirmed by Juniper Reps also. ------------------------------ Kasun De Silva ------------------------------

  • Hi Kasun, You need replace power supply only because the other system components the same. For example: QFX5120-48Y-AFO2 has follow components: - JNP48Y8C-CHAS - QFX5110-FANAFO - JPSU-650W-AC-AO - JNP-4PST-RMK-1U-E QFX5120-48Y-D-AFO2 ...

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  • Hi Ihor Thank you very much for your response. Cleared up my doubts. I also got the same confirmed by Juniper reps. ------------------------------ Kasun De Silva ------------------------------

  • Hello, We have 2x Juniper QFX10002-36Q i want to know do we need any special license to use 4M FIB and 10M RIB or is it based on honor based like other models? Also, What about BGP?

  • We have a requirement to change one of my QFX5120-AFO2 switches to DC power supply. Is this possible with existing AC-Chassis or should we purchase a new DC-Chassis Switch. I tried to find an answer on the community but only found that its possible ...

  • Good Morning Cornelis, Two questions: Are you able to share your configurations for the interfaces ? This will make it a bit more easy for people in the community to help you. Did you try auto negotiation on both sides ? Or did you put the ...


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