Security Director IDP Signature update - supported platforms

  • 1.  Security Director IDP Signature update - supported platforms

    Posted 03-02-2022 09:34
    Hi Community,

    I have a query. I manage some SRX's using security director. I run IDP on some SRX1500's. Nothing has internet connectivity, so when updating the signatures I follow the Juniper guides, which basically involves downloading the latest Signature package from the link provided and uploading it to SD. Whilst doing this I have noticed that the package doesn't seem to contain a folder for any  20.x releases, and once uploaded to SD it even lists supported platforms as follows "srx 19.4/17.3/17.4/18.2/19.1/12.3/19.2;srx-branch 19.2/19.4/17.4/12.3/19.1;vsrx 19.1/17.4/12.3/19.2/19.4/15.1;vsrx3bsd 19.2/18.2/19.1/19.4;"   I'm running a 20.x version, as recommended by Juniper, IDP/IPS works as required haven't had any issues, but is it not technically supported, or is this a cosmetic thing that needs updating? Thanks.