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  • 1.  Network Director and ex3400 switch

    Posted 06-18-2018 12:03

    Installed ND 3.2R1, discovered/imported ex3400 switch with 15.1X53-D58. Schema is downloded/present.

    When I try to validate / deploy even the smallest change in the imported profiles I get lots of errors "configuration attribute is not applicable to this hardware platform" and the configuration deployment in ND fails. 



    Pawel Mazurkiewicz 

  • 2.  RE: Network Director and ex3400 switch

    Posted 06-18-2018 19:02

    Hi Pawel,


    What exact configuration you are trying to edit?

    This is schema issue, if possible you can try to install/apply different closest schema.

    - Delete device.

    - Delete unused schema (15.1X53-D58) from Platform > DMI schemas.

    - Discover device, make different schema (15.1X53-D57) as default from Platform> DMI schemas.



  • 3.  RE: Network Director and ex3400 switch
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-20-2018 00:45



    I think it was a DMI schema (corruption?) issue. 

    I have deleted the devices, disabled schema autodownload, deleted the schema, downloaded / installed the same schema again, rediscovered the devices and the problem is solved.




    Pawel Mazurkiewicz


  • 4.  RE: Network Director and ex3400 switch

    Posted 06-20-2018 02:11

    Yes Pawel,

    Sometime schema doesn't get installed properly in Space, you can verify by going to Network Application Platform > Device Management > Edit the device > CLI editor. Check the CLI editor if you can open it properly or not.

    Rather than deleting the schema from system, there is an option to Override schema while installing it which we can try.