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Junos Space - LLDP neighbors or last sighting?

  • 1.  Junos Space - LLDP neighbors or last sighting?

    Posted 02-07-2022 19:14
    My network migrated from Cisco to Juniper some months ago,  thus going from using Cisco Prime to Junos Space.
    In Prime I remember when a device was offline one could go and see which CDP neighbors it had on which interfaces, a real helpful feature if, say, one does not know where in the network a given device resides and where to start troubleshooting. (Not that there would ever be such poorly documented network. Right.) I have not yet found an equivalent feature in Space. Is there one?

    Similarly, in Prime it was real easy to see when a device was last seen online. It was possible for end point (user machines, VoIP phones, etc.) as well, by putting IP or MAC into the general search box, but for network devices it was even easier - it was one of the columns in the device listing. Now, I know with Space in Network Director, Device View, Monitor task category there are the 'Find User Session' and 'Find Endpoint' tools. Not entirely sure what the difference is between the two methods. I have used these before for end points, and sometimes I get the info I am looking for. But it does not seem to work for network devices.

    So, any ideas on how to see switch's LLDP neighbors in Space, especially when the switch is offline, and if is offline, how one can tell when it was last on?

    Thank you!