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  • 1.  NTP boot server on MX

    Posted 11-24-2021 14:20
    I have noticed that there no longer appears to be an option for an NTP boot server to be configured on Junos 20.4:

    root@lab# set system ntp ?
    Possible completions:
    <[Enter]> Execute this command
    + apply-groups Groups from which to inherit configuration data
    + apply-groups-except Don't inherit configuration data from these groups
    > authentication-key Authentication key information
    > broadcast Broadcast parameters
    broadcast-client Listen to broadcast NTP
    > interval-range Set the minpoll and maxpoll interval range
    > multicast-client Listen to multicast NTP
    > peer Peer parameters
    > restrict Restrict options
    > server Server parameters
    > source-address Source-Address parameters
    > threshold Set the maximum threshold(sec) allowed for NTP adjustment
    + trusted-key List of trusted authentication keys (1..65534)
    | Pipe through a command

    Does anyone know why this is and if an alternate configuration is available?