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  • 1.  SRX firewall

    Posted 10-05-2022 06:42

    just a quick question - lets say you have source IP address configured on a firewall on an existing policy, and you have been given a new destination IP address of which needs to be added to the existing policy on the firewall, also lets say you have 20 firewall in the network (if you didnt know what firewall the source IP address is configured on how would you determine what firewall it is to be added to??????

  • 2.  RE: SRX firewall

    Posted 10-05-2022 06:48
    Sorry if this is not what you are looking for I'm not sure I follow the question.  I think you are asking how to identify which policies have as a source address configured.

    If the configuration is to that exact ip address first find the address object.
    show configuration | display set | match

    Take the name of the object and look for policies where this is configurated

    show configuration security policy | display set | match NAME_ADDRESS

    This will show where this is configured in policy and you can modify the policy from there.

    If the policy is in active use you could also see the name of the policy in sessions on the firewall
    show security flow session source-prefix

    The session details will include the policy information.

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