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MIC slot on MPC not working with 40G MIC after power outage

  • 1.  MIC slot on MPC not working with 40G MIC after power outage

    Posted 05-15-2022 05:23
    Hi All , 

    I need to know if you anyone has experience this before. 

    At one of our core sites we we have MX960  which have multiple MPCs . But the MPC in question here is a  MPC3E NG PQ & Flex Q populated with two mics 
    • 3D 2x 10GE XFP ( This is plugged but not in use)  - Slot 0 
    • 2X40GE QSFPP (Port are fully in use )   - Slot 1
    The 40G ports form a LAG by connecting to a QFX 5100 switch. 

    After a power outage, ports on the 40G failed to come up. We tried reseating the MIC but the connection never came up. However the 10G MIC was online and ports were functional after a loop test. We moved the 10G MIC to the slot 1 ( where the 40G MIC was) and  did a loop test again on the 10G ports, they all came up.  We slotted the 40G MIC on the slot 0   (previously occupied by the 10G MIC and ports 40G ports come up).   When we put it back 40G MIC on slot 1 ( its original slot it doesn't work) but the 10G MIC works on that slot.

    FYI ,  the 40G ports on the QFX5100  where the connection from the MX terminated became faulty as well we moved to a different port