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  • 1.  Thrid Party 100GbE DAC support for QFX5200-32C

    Posted 08-18-2021 19:48
    Hi There,
                    I know this is basic question that may get asked quite a bit, however I had no luck in finding a answer when searching the forum.

    My client has several QFX5200-32C in there network and wishes to connect a new High Performance ALL Flash storage device.
    The issue is around supported DAC's for 100GbE for the  QFX5200-32C, will it support third party supplied 100GbE DAC with out throwing a error ?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated, Thank in advance.

    Tim O'Sullivan
    Solutions Architect
    Tech Data Australia

    Tim OSullivan

  • 2.  RE: Thrid Party 100GbE DAC support for QFX5200-32C

    Posted 08-19-2021 05:38
    Hi Tim,

    It's better to check the specs for compatibility here:

    While I've seen 3rd party DACs work fine and the generic specs matching should help.  However there can be corner cases with using non-Juniper certified ones that cause issues.

    Hope this helps.
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  • 3.  RE: Thrid Party 100GbE DAC support for QFX5200-32C
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-19-2021 05:39
    Hello Tim,

    in general 100G-DACs are accepted by Juniper devices. But of course it depends on the DAC module itself. It has to have a Juniper compatible EEPROM, which can only be tested in lab if it works.
    But there is no general third party restriction on Juniper devices.

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