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  • 1.  ZTP on QFX5120 failed, can I get it to ZTP again without reboot?

    Posted 11-26-2020 20:59
    Ok, so I banged my head until late night again, this time with ZTP. I got my EX2200 at home to work and realized the remote QFX5120 that was the main ZTP subject got a config file that was no good. The QFX upgraded Junos (to 18.4R2-S6) and fetched the config file, but now I'm stuck. I'd like to make the QFX start all over again with ZTP in order for it to fetch the good config file but it just renews the IP address via DHCP and nothing else.  I can't seem to figure out a way to tell it to start over remotely. The QFX is located 500 km from me. I could have a local guy go there and reboot it, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
    I fixed the config, but it never fetches the file, probably since it already thinks it did once and failed to commit it.
    I changed the name of the config (both in DHCP and the file name on the TFTP server), no luck.
    I disabled the port in the management switch that connects to the em0 port of the QFX (QFX only has the em0 port connected) and enabled it after the lease time had expired, but it didn't help.
    I then remembered that et-0/0/48 is connected so I opened the opposing port, but it seems the et port is not configured for DHCP at all.

    The QFX refuses both SSH and telnet. Is there any other way to contact it remotely assuming it has the default config?



  • 2.  RE: ZTP on QFX5120 failed, can I get it to ZTP again without reboot?

    Posted 11-27-2020 00:55
    Hi Fredrik,

    if the Device is Remote and you don't have Telnet / ssh Access, your options are very limited - can your remote-guy connect a console-cable for you?
    If so, you can issue "request system zeroize" so that the ZTP will start again "fresh":

    ZTP requires that your device is in a factory default state. The device from the factory boots with preinstalled software and factory default configuration. On a device that does not currently have the factory default configuration, you can issue the request system zeroize command.

    Christian Scholz
    Juniper Networks Ambassador | JNCIE-SEC #374

  • 3.  RE: ZTP on QFX5120 failed, can I get it to ZTP again without reboot?

    Posted 11-27-2020 03:36

    I even tried changing the IP address for the QFX after some hours of management port being disabled in hope that it'd look for the config file but it didn't. The local tech was near by so he'll pop in and we'll fix it over the console port.

    It seems like this is something that could use a slight improvement. In other products (CTS CPE switches), I was involved briefly in specifying how to auto provision them and we came up with a DHCP option that indicated if the switch was to force download and application of a config and/or image. That would have been very handy here.

    Thanks for your help anyway!