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  • 1.  ansible ping error

    Posted 12-06-2020 08:06
    Hey all,
    we tried to run an ping command within ansible playbook with the junos_command module, and we got wierd RPC error.

    We managed to run simple commands (such as show-version, show-run, etc...) against the same network device. 

    The rpc error code we got was unreadable for me at all :

    rpc code : "urn:uuid:658cff30-8743-4e5e-b39d-aa9109e8a7ae"

    The playbook we wrote goes something like this:

    - hosts: <our juniper_device>
        - junos_command:
            -  "ping <ip>"

    we used conneciton type lcoal and network_cli

    Can someone give us more information about the RPC reply code? Maybe there is a documentation of all RPC reply codes from the NETCONF protocol to junper devices?

    Thanks :-)

    Auto Team

  • 2.  RE: ansible ping error

    Posted 12-07-2020 05:10

    perhaps the junos_ping module would be more suitable in this case. Also, I tested a similar playbook with junos_command (ansible 2.9), but using as connection type netconf and I had no issues.

    - name: Test ping command
    hosts: all
    gather_facts: no
    connection: netconf
    - name: ping host
    - ping
    register: output
    - name: print output
    var: output