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  • 1.  JTAF / Terraform

    Posted 02-18-2022 15:48

    Hi Folks

     I recently did a bit of a deep dive on Junipers Terraform Automation Framework (JTAF) with a more real world example in terms of setting up 2 providers and provisioning a customer, given the lack of community examples of this thought I'd share to assist anyone looking into things.


    • What is JTAF
    • Setting Up the Environment
    • Building Providers - QFX/MX
    • Finding the HCL for each resource
    • Deploying a 'Customer' from JSON data using Jinja2 templates to generate the HCL for JTAF

      LinkedIn post is here:  Chris Russell on LinkedIn: Junipers Terraform Automation Framework (JTAF) - | 10 comments

      Or the Blog post (no ads on my blog) here:  Junipers Terraform Automation Framework (JTAF) -

     Has a few pointers which aren't (yet) in the documentation which explain some gotchas ... hope this helps folks