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Question on EVPN Type 1 route without multihoming

  • 1.  Question on EVPN Type 1 route without multihoming

    Posted 12-20-2021 05:45



    I have an EVPN VXLAN VTEP that is advertising the following Type 1 EVPN route even though it is not a multihoming VTEP.



    jcluser@DC2-Leaf1# run show route advertising-protocol bgp table bgp match-prefix 1* detail   


    bgp.evpn.0: 7 destinations, 8 routes (7 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)

    * 1: AD/ESI (1 entry, 1 announced)

    BGP group OVERLAY type Internal

         Route Distinguisher:

         Route Label: 1

         Nexthop: Self

         Localpref: 100

         AS path: [64589] I

         Communities: target:64589:1111 encapsulation:vxlan(0x8) esi-label:0x0:all-active (label 0)



    This is being advertised because of a local IRB interface. I know this because this route is withdrawn when I delete the IRB interface.


    Below is relevant configuration. Can someone please let me know why this non-multihoming PE is advertising a Type 1 EVPN route, when only multihoming VTEPs are supposed to advertise them. Also, how is the ESI of this route computed to be 050000fc4d00003a9800?





    jcluser@DC2-Leaf1# show interfaces irb

    unit 150 {



        family inet {

            address {






    jcluser@DC2-Leaf1# show switch-options

    vtep-source-interface lo0.0;


    vrf-target {






    jcluser@DC2-Leaf1# show vlans

    VNI_15000 {

        vlan-id 150;

        l3-interface irb.150;

        vxlan {

            vni 15000;



    default {

        vlan-id 1;





    jcluser@DC2-Leaf1# show protocols evpn

    encapsulation vxlan;

    default-gateway no-gateway-community;

    extended-vni-list all;

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