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  • 1.  MX10003 ER 40Km Support with SFPP-10G-ER-C Transceiver

    Posted 04-27-2022 05:23
    Hi There,
    We would like to use ER optics natively on our MX10003,
    According to this page MX10003 Hardware Compatibility | Juniper Networks Pathfinder 
    ... this part SFPP-10G-ER-C (Part Number: 740-031983) SFPP-10G-ER-C | Juniper Networks Pathfinder Hardware Compatibility Tool
    ... can be used without  the Caveat "Use the QSA adapter to convert a 40-Gbps port to a 10-Gbps or a 1-Gbps port"

    Has anybody had experience with this transceiver and confirm this is indeed the case and not a documentation error or mis-print?
    Can it be used on the MX10003 without the MAM1Q00A-QSA adapter?



  • 2.  RE: MX10003 ER 40Km Support with SFPP-10G-ER-C Transceiver

    Posted 04-28-2022 10:11
    Hi Rowan,
    Yes, you really need QSA because of the interface form factor.
    MX10K3 uses QSFP transceiver form factor for 40G and 100G, and you want to use a SFPP transceiver for the 10G ER.

    Eduardo Haro