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A research-driven circle where members share feedback to help impact Juniper's direction. Members gain opportunities for rewards through e-gift cards and exclusive content. To become a member, simply click “Join Community” and follow the quick prompts.
  • 1.  Your Voice Matters

    Posted 05-24-2021 15:39

    Thank you so much for being a valued member of the Innovators Circle! Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Juniper truly values your feedback by letting them know how they can improve their products and services.

    You might remember a few months back Juniper was interested in developing new marketing materials and asked the Innovators Circle to provide feedback. Well, Juniper's Vertical Demand Lead wanted to share an update on how the community impacted this important initiative!

    "We've taken the Innovator's Circle feedback and applied it to currently planned materials as well as future materials to continuously meet them where they're at. Many people recommended we be more direct with our materials, saying how they can apply solutions in particular use cases and that will be a big focus for us… It's a work in progress, but we really appreciate the time and thoughtful answer they gave and we can't wait to keep improving."

                  - Lauren Malhoit, Vertical Demand Lead

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this study. Make sure to leave a comment and tell us how you currently use Juniper Networks whether it's to make a global impact or an impact on your community. We would love to hear about it!

    Innovators Circle Moderator