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A research-driven circle where members share feedback to help impact Juniper's direction. Members gain opportunities for rewards through e-gift cards and exclusive content. To become a member, simply click “Join Community” and follow the quick prompts.

See How Your Voice Impacted Tech Fest 2021

  • 1.  See How Your Voice Impacted Tech Fest 2021

    Posted 10-12-2021 20:26

    Thank you so much for being a valued member of the Innovators Circle! Without your continued participation with the community, we could never share the amazing level of feedback to Juniper, which they use to improve the products and services, etc.

    Juniper's User Experience Manager wanted to share an update on how the community's feedback impacted a major announcement at Tech Fest 2021:

    "Participants helped us to better understand the Elite Partner support journey, from realizing there is an issue with the end customer through resolution from Juniper.  The insights gleaned were shared at Tech Fest 2021 and are in the process of being disseminated to our support leaders.  Great experience all around and I look forward to working with you all again soon!

    -Deaneen Newell, Juniper User Experience Manager            

    Make sure to leave a comment and tell us the types of business events you have attended recently or are looking forward to in the upcoming months. We would love to hear about it!


    Lisa and the Innovators Circle Community

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