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Question on MSTP inter-region communication

  • 1.  Question on MSTP inter-region communication

    Posted 04-16-2022 12:59



    Consider the L2 network divided amongst two MSTP regions.



    MSTP Region 1 ------------------------  MSTP Region 2

    MSTI 1 (vlans 1-10)                              MSTI1 (vlans 1-20)


    VLAN 5 is common to both regions.

    Let's say I have two hosts belonging to VLAN 5, but in two different MSTP regions.

    Are both these hosts in the same broadcast domain?

    If not, how can they communicate with each other? I understand there is a CST between regions, but how would a packet exit a region's MSTI to jump onto the CST?




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