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QinQ with 0x88a8 within VNI

  • 1.  QinQ with 0x88a8 within VNI

    Posted 01-20-2022 18:59
    I have a feature question regarding the QFX5100 switch. Asking as I haven't been able to find documentation or previous posts explicitly saying this will work.

    If I ingress traffic on an interface and push a 0x88a8 tag under existing QinQ (0x8100 in 0x8100) traffic coming in an interface, then map this outer 0x88a8 tag to a VXLAN VNI, will that work?
    i.e. can I use a VNI as a VLAN transparent tunnel for a customer, between a port each on three different switches?

    Also, does the same work with VPLS?

    Many thanks

    Matthew McTague