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  • 1.  EX4600 - IPv6 on VME

    Posted 10-07-2022 05:55

    I am working on a virtual chassis of 2 x EX4600.
    Versions tested : 
    - Junos 18.4
    - Junos 20.4R3S2
    - Junos 21.2R3S2.9 (latest test)

    IPv4 is configured on vme.0 and working fine. 
    IPv6 is configured on vme.0, the switch can ping itself, the routing table is OK, but the switch can not ping its gateway, and any other IPv6 configured equipement on the same OOB network. 
    On the same network, we have MX204 configured with IPv6 on fxp0.0, and everything is working fine for them. 

    I saw on an old thread some guys had the same issues on QFX5110 with an old 17.x Junos version, but also, on the official documentation it seems that family inet6 if officialy supported on vme.0, so that's a bit confusing. (interfaces (EX Series switches))

    Is there an official PR on this, a workaround, or a list of supported Junos version that actually permits to use inet6 on vme.0 ?

    For information, I did the test with system management-instance activated, and deactivated : no change on the behavior.