• 1.  vSRX with MFA or TFA

    Posted 10-28-2020 15:45

    Hello Experts,


    I need your help in confirming below queries.


    1. How i can integrate vSRX for MFA or TFA services for SSL based client vpn? Do i need a third party devices to make it work considering the fact that SRX does not support SAML.

    2. Do we have use known use cases with any of the MFA services? (i.e. octa, duo, cyberarc etc).

    3. As 2nd option, Is it possible to use public key and certificate based authentication combo to address similar type of requirements?

    4. How many default users we may get it on vSRX to start with post which i will need licenses to make it work for Juniper Secure connect?