Where can I learn more about Python?

By Erdem posted 08-10-2015 20:40

Python-based scripts and resources for automation.
Why is Python the right choice? 
Python for Non-Programmers

Python for Non-Programmers, Part 1 (J-Net Forums)

Python for Non-Programmers, Part 2 (J-Net Forums)

Python for Non-Programmers, Part  3 (J-Net Forums)

Python for Non-Programmers, Part 4 (J-Net Forums)

Python for Non-Programmers, Part 5 (J-Net Forums)

A free Python course (Non-Juniper Networks resource)

Example: Objectifying the Network Using Python (Non-Juniper Networks resource)

Using the Juniper PyEZ Library [Beginner] (Non-Juniper Networks resource)

Python Library for NETCONF Clients
ncclient  is a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting and application development around the NETCONF protocol.

Python Library for NETCONF Automation (Junos PyEZ)
A Python module that makes automating Junos OS devices over the NETCONF API easy. The goal of this microframework is to give Netops or engineers the ability to create Python scripts without requiring hardcore programming knowledge.

Junos PyEZ on TechWiki

Experimental Python Library for Juniper Networks Wireless LAN (WLC) Product

STATUS: Experimental, under active development.
The WLC XML API is not public, but can be made available to existing customers.