How-To: Monitor NAT POOL Utilization

By Elevate posted 04-28-2016 09:14




This article describes how to monitor CGNAT NAT Pool thresholds using SNMP. For CGNAT NAT pools, each PIC on an MultiServices Denser Port Concentrator (MS-DPC) card can support 8.1 million ports for NAT translation.


Monitoring Options


Use the JUNIPER-NAT-MIB to monitor the utilization of each MS-DPC card and PIC. This MIB identifies the current utilization of each PIC with regard to the number of ports consumed.


There are two ways to monitor the port utilization:


  • Use your NMS to poll the jnxNatSrcNumPortAvail MIB object to track the number of available ports and set a threshold on this value.
  • Use the MIB jnxNatAddrPoolUtil notification to receive an SNMP trap for the dynamic address pool utilization as a percentage.