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Security Intelligence for the MX Series Routers

By Trevor_Pott posted 08-06-2019 06:00


Network operators and security engineers are battling attacks and trying to protect the network while at the same time struggling with more workloads and costs around network administration. By incorporating Juniper Networks’ security intelligence onto the MX Series routers, security can be extended to routing infrastructure to turn connectivity layers into automated defense layers at scale. This combination, available in JUNOS 19.3, helps network operators provide another level of security.


How Does it Work?

Juniper Networks’ security intelligence (SecIntel) delivers real-time threat intelligence by enabling automatic and responsive traffic filtering. While SecIntel has traditionally required one or more Juniper Networks’ SRX Series Services Gateways, SecIntel functionality will now be made available on MX Series routers.


Extending security intelligence to MX routers offers another layer of network security by blocking command and control traffic discovered by Juniper Sky ATP and Juniper Threat Labs and custom blacklists at a network hardware level. This turns connectivity layers into automated defense layers. The router is turned into an information security enforcement point for thousands of customers, helping to secure the internet for everyone, one network at a time. Customers will not have to invest in additional hardware to take advantage of the new SecIntel capabilities; only a few lines of configuration and an update to the latest software version are required. In turn, this simplifies network integration and helps minimize administrative effort.



Juniper Connected Security safeguards users, applications and infrastructure by extending security intelligence and enforcement to all points of connection on the network. Customers can achieve end-to-end visibility and security while preserving their existing investments. Juniper Connected Security provides out-of-the-box, automated integration between Juniper’s own products, those provided by our technology partners and even those of our competitors. However, helping customers get the most out of their investments does not stop here. By bringing SecIntel capabilities to MX Series routers, we are giving customers visibility into traffic right at the connection point.


Blocking known malicious IPs and URLs at the hardware/PFE level using MX Series routers will complement existing capabilities and integrations, such as DDoS protection. Delegating the blocking of known command and control communications to the MX Series routers prevents potential compromise directly at the network layer and frees up resources on SRX Series devices to focus on targeted unknown threats.


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